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European Youth Online Cup 2020 tournament links


TournamentTournament webpage (includes players and direct link to the gameroom)
U26 Boys BLITZ
U26 Girls BLITZ
Boys 19 (Juniors) BLITZ
Girls 19 (Juniors) BLITZ
Boys 16 (Cadets) BLITZ
Girls 16 (Cadets) BLITZ 
Boys 13 (Minicadets) BLITZ
Girls 13 (Minicadets) BLITZ
Boys 10 (Hopes) BLITZ
Girls 10 (Hopes) BLITZ
U26 Boys RAPID
U26 Girls RAPID
Boys 19 (Juniors) RAPID
Girls 19 (Juniors) RAPID
Boys 16 (Cadets) RAPID
Girls 16 (Cadets) RAPID
Boys 13 (Minicadets) RAPID
Girls 13 (Minicadets) RAPID
Boys 10 (Hopes) RAPID
Girls 10 (Hopes) RAPID


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!