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Interesting facts about Belgium

A famous tourist attraction in Belgium is a statue of a little boy peeing, the “mannekin-pis”. A little known fact, though, is that the statue is often dressed. In fact, there are more than 600 costumes for it.

There are more castles per square mile in Belgium than anywhere else.- Brussels’ Royal Palace is bigger than Buckingham Palace.

A Belgian founded the Holy Roman Empire.

French-speaking Belgium is the world’s biggest producer of comics per capita.

It is a Belgian who founded New York City.

The first printed newspapers in the world was published in Antwerp, Belgium.

Belgian John-Joseph Merlin invented (in-line) roller skates in the 1760s.

Koninklijke Belgische Dambond

Demasure, J.
Elfde Julilaan 22
8860 Lendelende  

Tel +32-51-307 034

President of federation Alex Libbrecht.

Phone  +32-476-319098

Best rated players Ronald Schalley, Marc De meulenaere, Yves Vandeberg
Best rated women’s players Tamara Wattez, Kathy Verstraete, Veronique Denys


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  • European Championships 2023 – Calendar


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  • European Champions Blitz and Rapid 2022


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