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Statement on Coronavirus and European Championships Youth 2020


EDC Executive Board Statement on Coronavirus (Covid-19) and European Championships Youth 2020

Here below attached in English, Russian and French versions

14_2020 EDC EB Statement on Coronavirus & EC Youth 2020 ENG

14_2020 EDC EB Statement on Coronavirus & EC Youth 2020 RUS

14_2020 EDC EB Statement on Coronavirus & EC Youth 2020 FRA


Dear Friends, Dear Youth Draughts players and their relatives,


The EDC Executive Board is following carefully the evolution of Covid-19 in the whole Europe and in the World. Nobody can forecast what can happen in next weeks, but we really hope that within a couple of months the spread of this virus will decrease significantly in every country.

It is premature to say anything about the European Championships Youth 2020 planned in the beginning of August: they could be held regularly, postponed with a different date or conditions, or even cancelled (we really hope that it does not happen). Everyone’s health is certainly the most important thing to protect! 

For this reason, the EDC Board has decided to do not publish yet the Regulation of EC Youth, and we are inviting everybody to wait before booking anything.

By the end of May or early June, the EDC EB, together with the Estonian Draughts Federation, will decide what is possible and appropriate to do.

The EDC EB is sure of everyone’s understanding.

A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.


The President of the EDC

Carlo A. Bordini


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