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European Blitz/Rapid Championship, Netanya, 29-30.11.2019
European Team Championship, Chianciano Terme, 2-8.09.2019
European Veteran Championship, Korbach, 31.08-09.09.2019
European Youth Championship, Warsaw, 01.-09.08.2019


European Championship 2018, Moscow, 16.-23.12.2018
European Blitz/Rapid Championship, Netanya, 20.10-20.10.2018
European Youth Championship, Vilnius, 01.-09.08.2018
European Veteran Championship, Porecce, 01-10.09.2018


European Veteran Championship, Kolobrzeg, 26.11.-03.12.2017
European Team Championship, Vilnius, 17.-23.09.2017
European Rapid Championship, Karpacz, 10.09.2017
European Youth Championship, Vitebsk, 01.-09.08.2017
European Blitz Championships, Cannes, 26.02.2017


European Championship (all versions), Izmir, 19.-27.10.2016
European Team Championship, Tallinn, 02.-06.10.2016
European Veteran Championship, Korbach, 18.-26.09.2016
European Youth Championship, Pinsk, 01.-09.08.2016


European Rapid Championship, Napoli, 21.10.2015
European Veteran Championship, Sunny Beach, 11.-20.09.2015
European Youth Championship, Tallinn, 1.-7-08.2015
European Blitz Championship, Cannes, 28.02-01.03.2015


European Club's Blitz Championship 2014, Gniezno, 11.11.2014
European Championship, Tallinn, 7.-13.10.2014
European Championship Blitz, Tallinn, 06.10.2014
European Championship Youth, Pinsk, 1.-7.08.2014
European Championship Rapid, Prague, 7.06.2014
European Championship Veterans, Kołobrzeg, 5.-13.04.2014
European Championship Students & Youth U26, Kołobrzeg, 5.-13.04.2014


European Veterans Championship, Texel, 4.-9.11.2013
European Rapid Championship, Bovec, 31.08.-01.09.2013
European Youth Championship, Bielawa, 1-7.08.2013
European Team Championship, Tallinn, 03-08.04.2013
European Blitz Championship, Budapest, 23.03.2013


European Championship Students, Czestochowa, 20.-27.10.2012
European Championship men & women, Emmen, 16.-22.09.2012
European Veteran Championship, Vilnius, 02.-09.09.2012
European Youth Championship, Dneprodzerzhinsk, 01.-07.08.2012
European Blitz Championship, Stockholm, 27.-28.07.2012
European Rapid Championship, Tallinn, 23.-24.07.2012
Confederation Cup, Sepolno Krajenske, 9.-16.05.2012


European Championship Students& Youth U25 Vilnius 3-10.11.2011
Confederation Cup, Albena, 3-11.10.2011
European Championship Veterans, Riga 18-25.09.2011
European Championship Blitz, Tallinn, 09-10.08.2011
European Youth Championship, Tallinn 01-07.08.2011


Confederation Cup, Riga 1-7.11.2010
European Championship Veterans, Berlin 10-16.10.2010
European Championship Students& Youth U25 Sunny Beach 23-30.09.2010
European Youth Championship, Minsk Mazowiecki 1-7.08.2010
European Championship, Murzasihle 25-31.08.2010
European Team Championship, Tallinn 25-30.03.2010
European Championship Blitz, Vilnius 20-21.03.2010


Confederation Cup, Primorsko 24-30.09.2009
European Championship Veterans, Kapelle 7-12.09.2009
European Championship Blitz, Stockholm 29-30.08.2009
European Championship Students, Minsk Mazowiecki 11-18.08.2009
European Youth Championship, Hijken 1-7.08.2009


European Championship Veterans, Zalaegerszeg 31.10.-7.11.2008
European Championship Students, Warszawa 14-20.09.2008
European Championship Blitz, Varna 12-13.09.2008
European Championship, Tallinn 19-28.08.2008
European Championship Women, Tallinn 19-28.08.2008
European Youth Championship, Szczecin 1-7.08.2008
Confederation Cup, Pavlovsk 14-20.03.2008


European Championship Veterans, Avignon 27.10.-2.11.2007
Confederation Cup, Aix les Bains 4-9.11.2007
European Youth Championship, St.Petersburg 1-7.08.2007
European Championship Blitz, Cannes 16-17.02.2007


European Championship Veterans, Liberec 13-18.11.2006
European Championship, Bovec 2-10.09.2006
European Championship Women, Bovec 2-10.09.2006
European Youth Championship, Tallinn 1-7.08.2006
Confederation Cup, Cannes 13-19.02.2006


European Championship Veterans, Zoutelande 28.11.-04.12.2005
European Youth Championship, Kluczbork 1-7.08.2005
European Championship Blitz, Prague 26-27.05.2005
Confederation Cup, Cannes 19-25.02.2005


European Championship Women, Mlawa 20-27.09.2004
European Championship Veterans, Havlickov Brod 19-25.09.2004
European Youth Championship, Kluczbork 1-7.08.2004
Confederation Cup, Tallinn 25-29.06.2004
Champions Cup, Varazze 13-16.05.2004


European Championship Veterans, Amsterdam 12-19.10.2003
European Youth Championship, Minsk 1-7.08.2003
Confederation Cup, Barlinek 6-11.06.2003


European Championship, Domburg 4-22.11.2002
European Championship Women, Vilnius 16-22.09.2002
European Youth Championship, St.Petersburg 1-7.08.2002
Confederation Cup, Salou 20-25.05.2002


Champions Cup, Ufa 20-23.09.2001
European Youth Championship, Tuchola 1-7.08.2001
Confederation Cup, St.Petersburg 3-8.06.2001
European Championship Veterans, Mlawa 26-31.05.2001


European Championship Women, Zaporozhe 19-25.09.2000
Geove RZG Europa Cup (Champions Cup), Velp 16-19.08.2000
European Youth Championship, Trieste 1-7.08.2000
Confederation Cup, Gniezno 2-6.06.2000


Geove Europa Cup (Champions Cup), Velp 18-21.08.1999
European Youth Championship, Ludow Polski 26-31.07.1999
Confederation Cup, Vilnius 9-12.07.1999


  • EDC Executive Board Meeting on 5th April, 2021 – Brief News


    The European Draughts Confederation, during the Board Meeting held on April 5th, discussed of the current pandemic trend, travel restrictions, quarantine and duties about Covid-19 tests.The EDC Executive Board after the evaluation of the above determined, with great regret, that …

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  • EDC Executive Board Meeting on 28th February, 2021 – minutes


    Dear Friends,here below, attached, in English, Russian and French versions, the EDC  Executive Board Meeting on 28th February – minutes.A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.Carlo A. BordiniEDC EB Meeting 2_2021 Minutes v2_FRA EDC EB Meeting 2_2021 Minutes v3 …

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  • International Competition of Draughts Composition – REGULATIONS


    International Competition of Draughts Composition“LIETUVA – 2021” organized by the Lithuanian draughts composition amateur’s union / Lietuvos šaškių kompozicijos mėgėjų sąjunga (LŠKMS)EDC CPI. ET. Lietuva-2021. Reglamentas ENG EDC CPI. ET. Lietuva-2021. Reglamentas RUS

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  • European Qualification Tournament for WC21


    06_21 European Qualification Tournament Provisional EDC Qualification list for WC21 -Active Players 50 gamesTo all federations,Due to the ongoing issues with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has not been any possibility to organize the European Championship 2020. Since the …

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  • EDC Executive Board Meeting on 16th January, 2021 – minutes


    Dear Friends,here below, attached, in English, Russian and French versions, the EDC  Executive Board Meeting on 16th January 2021 – minutes. A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.Carlo A. BordiniEDC EB Meeting 1_2021 Minutes v2 FR EDC EB Meeting 1_2021 …

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