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Interesting facts about Bulgaria
Bulgaria is the country with the oldest name in Europe!

Bulgarian rose-oil (Bulgaria produces half of the rose oil in the world), is a component of the world-famous perfumes!

Bulgaria is known as the homeland of the yogurt (Lactus Bulgaricus)!

The famous gladiator Spartacus and the mythic singer Orpheus were born in Thrace – today’s Bulgaria!

Bulgaria ranks third in Europe (after Italy and Greece) for the number of its valuable archaeological monuments!

Bulgarians were the first to use the Cyrillic alphabet!

Bulgaria and Denmark were the only European countries to save their Jews during the Holocaust!

Bulgarian army is the only force in the world, that has never lost a single flag!

The first World wrestling champion with 1500 wins and only 2 lost matches is the Balkan Lion – the legendary Dan Kolov!

The oldest (over 6000 years) Golden treasure in the world was found in Varna, Bulgaria!

The inventor of the first electronic computer John Atanassoff is of Bulgarian origins!

Bulgarian Draughts Federation

President of federation B. Janev

Phone +359 052 322510

M. Chaira
298 9010 Varna 

Best rated players Neno Welikov, Bogdan Yanev, Stephan Hristov
Best rated women’s players Milena Dimitrowa, Magdalena Mazhdrakova



  • EDC Executive Board Meeting 3/2022 – minutes


    Dear Friends,here below, attached, in English and French version (soon also Russian and Ukrainian ones), the EDC Executive Board Meeting 2/2022 – minutes, held on 17th September 2022. A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.Carlo A. BordiniFR_EDC EB Meeting 3_2022 …

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  • European Champions Blitz and Rapid 2022


    Hijken (Netherlands), 22nd-23rd October, 2022.Wouter Sipma (NED) 🇳🇱 is the European Champion Rapid 2022! On the podium also Artem Ivanov (UKR) 🇺🇦 and Guntis Valneris (LAT) 🇱🇻 . Natalia Sadowska (POL) 🇵🇱  is the European Champion of Women; Silver Medal to …

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  • Natalia Sadowska & Jan Groenendijk European Championship Women & Men 2022


    Kortrijk (Belgium), 3rd-9th October.European Draughts Championship 2022 Open and Women (Qualifiers WC 2023). Jan Groenendijk Netherlands 🇳🇱 won EC Men, followed by Jitse Slump 🇳🇱 and Roel Boomstra 🇳🇱. Natalia Sadowska 🇵🇱  won Title Women, followed by Marta Bankowska 🇵🇱  and …

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  • European Championships Veteran and Under 27


    European Draughts Championships Under 27 and Veterans 2022. Osio Sotto (BG), Italy – 19th-25th September, 2022 EC Under 27: Alessio Scaggiante (Italy)  is the Champion Under 27; 2nd Paul Robin (France), 3rd Domantas Norkus (Lithuania).  Vira Popruha (Ukraine) won Women …

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  • Deadline for ECs Rapid and Blitz extended till October 15th.


    To all the Draughts Federations of EuropeThe last day for the subscriptions of European Championships Rapid and Blitz is extended till October 15th. Please remember that player application have to come (or confirmed) by their National Federation, that is Federations for …

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Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!