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  • 24th European Youth Championship

    31.07.2024 - 10.08.2024

    Under the auspices of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC), Latvian Draughts Federation (EDF) will organize the 24rd European Youth Championship.The championship will be held from the 1st to the 9th of August 2024 in Jelgava Castle, Lielā iela 2, Jelgava, …

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European Teams Championships 2019


European Teams Championships 2019 – Chianciano Terme (ITA) 2nd – 7th September 2019 On Saturday 7th September, the 2019 European Team Championships organized by the Italian Draughts Federation under the auspices of the European Damaging Confederation (EDC) were concluded. The Athletes (forty, divided between damisti and damisti) representing ten national teams, competed in the “classic”, “blitz” and “rapide” specialties. The Championships direction was entrusted to Villem Lüüs (EST), assisted by Alessio Mecca (ITA). The Russia Teams have triumphed in both categories, male and female, in the “classic” specialty. Excellent performances also for Holland, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland in the “blitz” and “rapid” specialties. In the evening on Saturday 7th, at the Parco delle Terme di Chianciano – in the presence of the FID and EDC President, other representants of FID (the FID Vice Presidents Claudio Ciampi and Luca Iacovelli, Giuliana Tenucci curator of the event, the vice-general secretary FID Claudio Natale), of the Councilor for sport of the City of Chianciano, Andrea Morganti and of the delegated Councilor Laura Ballati, of the Head of the Press Office of the Terme di Chianciano Angela Betti, of the representative of the Italian National Olympic Committee in Tuscany, Stefano Tacconi and of the governor del Panathlon of Tuscany, Orietta Maggi Aprea – with the show of flag-wavers and national anthems, the closing ceremony and the awarding of the winning teams took place. Here following the complete results: ETCh. Men “Classic”: “Classic” Spec: 1st Russia 10 pts, 2nd Netherlands 11, 3rd Belarus 10.28, 4th Ukraine 10.24; 5th Belgium 6; Italy1 3.15; Italy2 3.11; Czech Rep. 1. Details at the link: ETCh. Men “Blitz”: 1st Ukraine 12 pts; 2nd Netherlands 11; 3rd Russia 10.29; 4th Belarus 10.26; 5th Italy1 6; 6th Belgium 4; 7th Czech Rep. 3; 8th Italy2 0. ETCh. Men “Rapid”: 1st Russia 11 pts; 2nd Belarus 9; 3rd Netherlands 7.23; 4th Ukraine 7.22; 5th Italy1 4.14; Czech Rep. 4.12; Italy2 0. ETCh. Women “Classic”: 1st Russia 8 pts, 2nd Ukraine 7, 3rd Belarus 6.13, 4th Poland 6.12, 5th Estonia 3, 6th Italy 0. ETCh. Women “Blitz”: 1st Russia 9 pts; 2nd Belarus 7.13 (8,5); 3rd Poland 7.13 (4, 9); 4th Ukraine 4; 5th Estonia 3; 6th Italy 0. ETCh. Women “Rapid”: 1st Ukraine points 8.14 (tie break 3-1); 2nd Belarus 8.14 (t.b. 1-3); 3rd Russia 6.14; 4th Poland 6.12, 5th Estonia 2, 6th Italy 0.


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!