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Interesting facts about Poland

The population of Poland is 39 million.

Poland is the the 9th biggest country in Europe and it shares frontiers with seven countries.

In Poland most Poles consider their name day (in Polish: “imieniny”) more important than their birthdays. People with the same day celebrate on the same day each year.

Nobel Prize Winners from Poland: Maria Sklodowska-Curie (1903 in physics and 1911 in chemistry), Henryk Sienkiewicz (1905 in literature), Wladyslaw Reymont (1924 in literature), Czeslaw Milosz (1980 in literature), Lech Walesa (1983 Peace Nobel Prize), Wislawa Szymborska (1996 in literature).

Polish Draughts Federation

Best rated players Karol Cichocki, Łukasz Kosobudzki
Best rated women’s players  Natalia Sadowska, Ewa Schalley, Arleta Flisikowska



Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!