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Interesting facts about Latvia

Since the restoration of independence in 1991, Latvia has been pursuing full economic and political integration into European and world structures.

Latvia is a country of splendid and diverse natural landscapes. Forests cover 44% of the territory.

Latvia has the largest otter population in Europe, and there is a much greater chance of seeing the rare black stork in Latvia’s forests than in any other European country.

Latvian Draughts Federation Union

President of federation G. Valneris

Phone +371-7731060(h)/-940
Fax +371-7830392

Tel +371-977372/9230169/
Fax +371-7284412

LDFU; Sport Department – Draughts
Str. Kalpaka 9,
LV-2150 Sigulda  

Best rated players Guntis Valneris, Roberts Misans, Raimonds Vipulis
Best rated women’s players Zoja Golubeva, Olesia Abdullina, Antra Valnere



Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!