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General Assembly 2021: Chianciano T. (Italy) 9th October at 14.00 – Agenda and attachments

As announced by EDC Protocol Number: 62/2021/ Deeds, Date: 25th August, 2021

EDC General Assembly will be held on October 9th (Saturday), 2021 in Chianciano Terme (Italy) at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, in Via Sant’Agnese n. 6, which is close to the playing hall of the European Teams Championships.
1. Opening and Welcome
2. Report on activities
3. European Draughts Confederation renewed Statute
4. European Draughts Confederation: Ordinary and Associate Members
5. Discussion points
6. Closing
Meeting time – October 9th at 14.00-18.30
Reception and dinner after the meeting (at 20.00).

Below invitation with agenda and documents.

EDC GA 2021 invitation and Agenda_v2 FR_EDC GA 2021 invitation et Agenda_v2 EDC GA 2021 invitation and Agenda_v2_RUS

Att_00    2019-08-03_EDC_GA_minutes            (Election of new EDC Executive Board)      

Att_01 Minutes of the EDC Executive Board Meeting n. 1 – 2019

Att_02 EDC Executive Board Meeting 13th June, 2020 – Minutes (ENG, RUS, FRA)

Att_03 EDC Executive Board Meeting 25th July, 2020 – minutes

Att_04 EDC “Extra Ordinary” Executive Board Meeting on 8th August, 2020 – minutes 

Att_05 EDC Executive Board Meeting on 22nd August, 2020 – minutes

Att_06 EDC Executive Board Meeting on 3rd October, 2020 – minutes

Att_07 EDC Executive Board Meeting on 31st October, 2020 – minutes 

Att_08 EDC Executive Board Meeting on 28th November, 2020 – minutes

Att_09 EDC Executive Board Meeting on 16th January, 2021 – minutes

Att_10 EDC Executive Board Meeting on 28th February, 2021 – minutes

Att_11 and Att_12  EDC Executive Board Meeting 3 and 4 2021 – minutes

Att_13 , 14, 15, 16  EDC Executive Board Meeting 5 2021 – minutes and documents     (Att_n. 13 EDC EB Meeting 5_2021 Minutes;  Att_14 EDC_new Statute_v4_May 2021;  Att_15 EDC EB attachment UPDATE Final List EDC; Att_16 EDC Report for FMJD GA 2021)

Att_17  EDC Anticovid Guidelines for playing draughts safely  

Att_18 and 19 EDC Financial Statements  … (Att_18 documents of Financial Stetement 2018 and 2019; Att_19 documents of Financial Statement 2020)

Att_20 EDC Executive Board Meeting 6 2021 – minutes

Att_21 EDC Executive Board Meeting 7 2021 – minutes

Att_22, 23 and 24 EDC_statute_ENG 2020 v6_Sept 2021

Att_23 EDC_statute_ITA v6_Sept 2021 for italian registration

Att_24 Annex 1 v6


  • European Championships 2023 – Calendar


    Dear National Federations,Dear Friends,Here attached the letter with the Calendar of European Championship 2023.Best Regards.2023_013 EDC 2023 CalendarCarlo A. Bordini

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  • EDC annual fee 2023 (Deadline 28th February)


    Dear Friends,during the recent EDC Executive Board Meeting, it’s been set the deadline to pay the EDC annual fee of 50,00 €, as Ordinary Member. Federations have to pay that amount by the 28th February 2023, using the following EDC bank …

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  • EDC Executive Board Meeting 3/2022 – minutes


    Dear Friends,here below, attached, in English and French version (soon also Russian and Ukrainian ones), the EDC Executive Board Meeting 3/2022 – minutes, held on 17th September 2022. A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.Carlo A. BordiniFR_EDC EB Meeting 3_2022 …

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  • European Champions Blitz and Rapid 2022


    Hijken (Netherlands), 22nd-23rd October, 2022.Wouter Sipma (NED) 🇳🇱 is the European Champion Rapid 2022! On the podium also Artem Ivanov (UKR) 🇺🇦 and Guntis Valneris (LAT) 🇱🇻 . Natalia Sadowska (POL) 🇵🇱  is the European Champion of Women; Silver Medal to …

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  • Natalia Sadowska & Jan Groenendijk European Championship Women & Men 2022


    Kortrijk (Belgium), 3rd-9th October.European Draughts Championship 2022 Open and Women (Qualifiers WC 2023). Jan Groenendijk Netherlands 🇳🇱 won EC Men, followed by Jitse Slump 🇳🇱 and Roel Boomstra 🇳🇱. Natalia Sadowska 🇵🇱  won Title Women, followed by Marta Bankowska 🇵🇱  and …

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Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!