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  • European Blitz and Rapid Championship

    29.11.2019 - 30.11.2019

    European Blitz and Rapid Championship 2019, men and women, will be held in Netanya, Israel, on 29th and 30th November. All applicants should provide applications before October 15, 2019. See the whole Regulation at the link: european-championship-blitz-rapid-2019 Coordinators contact: yacovshaus@gmail.com …

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Results year by year



European Blitz/Rapid Championship, Netanya, 29-30.11.2019
European Team Championship, Chianciano Terme, 2-8.09.2019
European Veteran Championship, Korbach, 31.08-09.09.2019
European Youth Championship, Warsaw, 01.-09.08.2019


European Championship 2018, Moscow, 16.-23.12.2018
European Blitz/Rapid Championship, Netanya, 20.10-20.10.2018
European Youth Championship, Vilnius, 01.-09.08.2018
European Veteran Championship, Porecce, 01-10.09.2018


European Veteran Championship, Kolobrzeg, 26.11.-03.12.2017
European Team Championship, Vilnius, 17.-23.09.2017
European Rapid Championship, Karpacz, 10.09.2017
European Youth Championship, Vitebsk, 01.-09.08.2017
European Blitz Championships, Cannes, 26.02.2017


European Championship (all versions), Izmir, 19.-27.10.2016
European Team Championship, Tallinn, 02.-06.10.2016
European Veteran Championship, Korbach, 18.-26.09.2016
European Youth Championship, Pinsk, 01.-09.08.2016


European Rapid Championship, Napoli, 21.10.2015
European Veteran Championship, Sunny Beach, 11.-20.09.2015
European Youth Championship, Tallinn, 1.-7-08.2015
European Blitz Championship, Cannes, 28.02-01.03.2015


European Club's Blitz Championship 2014, Gniezno, 11.11.2014
European Championship, Tallinn, 7.-13.10.2014
European Championship Blitz, Tallinn, 06.10.2014
European Championship Youth, Pinsk, 1.-7.08.2014
European Championship Rapid, Prague, 7.06.2014
European Championship Veterans, Kołobrzeg, 5.-13.04.2014
European Championship Students & Youth U26, Kołobrzeg, 5.-13.04.2014


European Veterans Championship, Texel, 4.-9.11.2013
European Rapid Championship, Bovec, 31.08.-01.09.2013
European Youth Championship, Bielawa, 1-7.08.2013
European Team Championship, Tallinn, 03-08.04.2013
European Blitz Championship, Budapest, 23.03.2013


European Championship Students, Czestochowa, 20.-27.10.2012
European Championship men & women, Emmen, 16.-22.09.2012
European Veteran Championship, Vilnius, 02.-09.09.2012
European Youth Championship, Dneprodzerzhinsk, 01.-07.08.2012
European Blitz Championship, Stockholm, 27.-28.07.2012
European Rapid Championship, Tallinn, 23.-24.07.2012
Confederation Cup, Sepolno Krajenske, 9.-16.05.2012


European Championship Students& Youth U25 Vilnius 3-10.11.2011
Confederation Cup, Albena, 3-11.10.2011
European Championship Veterans, Riga 18-25.09.2011
European Championship Blitz, Tallinn, 09-10.08.2011
European Youth Championship, Tallinn 01-07.08.2011


Confederation Cup, Riga 1-7.11.2010
European Championship Veterans, Berlin 10-16.10.2010
European Championship Students& Youth U25 Sunny Beach 23-30.09.2010
European Youth Championship, Minsk Mazowiecki 1-7.08.2010
European Championship, Murzasihle 25-31.08.2010
European Team Championship, Tallinn 25-30.03.2010
European Championship Blitz, Vilnius 20-21.03.2010


Confederation Cup, Primorsko 24-30.09.2009
European Championship Veterans, Kapelle 7-12.09.2009
European Championship Blitz, Stockholm 29-30.08.2009
European Championship Students, Minsk Mazowiecki 11-18.08.2009
European Youth Championship, Hijken 1-7.08.2009


European Championship Veterans, Zalaegerszeg 31.10.-7.11.2008
European Championship Students, Warszawa 14-20.09.2008
European Championship Blitz, Varna 12-13.09.2008
European Championship, Tallinn 19-28.08.2008
European Championship Women, Tallinn 19-28.08.2008
European Youth Championship, Szczecin 1-7.08.2008
Confederation Cup, Pavlovsk 14-20.03.2008


European Championship Veterans, Avignon 27.10.-2.11.2007
Confederation Cup, Aix les Bains 4-9.11.2007
European Youth Championship, St.Petersburg 1-7.08.2007
European Championship Blitz, Cannes 16-17.02.2007


European Championship Veterans, Liberec 13-18.11.2006
European Championship, Bovec 2-10.09.2006
European Championship Women, Bovec 2-10.09.2006
European Youth Championship, Tallinn 1-7.08.2006
Confederation Cup, Cannes 13-19.02.2006


European Championship Veterans, Zoutelande 28.11.-04.12.2005
European Youth Championship, Kluczbork 1-7.08.2005
European Championship Blitz, Prague 26-27.05.2005
Confederation Cup, Cannes 19-25.02.2005


European Championship Women, Mlawa 20-27.09.2004
European Championship Veterans, Havlickov Brod 19-25.09.2004
European Youth Championship, Kluczbork 1-7.08.2004
Confederation Cup, Tallinn 25-29.06.2004
Champions Cup, Varazze 13-16.05.2004


European Championship Veterans, Amsterdam 12-19.10.2003
European Youth Championship, Minsk 1-7.08.2003
Confederation Cup, Barlinek 6-11.06.2003


European Championship, Domburg 4-22.11.2002
European Championship Women, Vilnius 16-22.09.2002
European Youth Championship, St.Petersburg 1-7.08.2002
Confederation Cup, Salou 20-25.05.2002


Champions Cup, Ufa 20-23.09.2001
European Youth Championship, Tuchola 1-7.08.2001
Confederation Cup, St.Petersburg 3-8.06.2001
European Championship Veterans, Mlawa 26-31.05.2001


European Championship Women, Zaporozhe 19-25.09.2000
Geove RZG Europa Cup (Champions Cup), Velp 16-19.08.2000
European Youth Championship, Trieste 1-7.08.2000
Confederation Cup, Gniezno 2-6.06.2000


Geove Europa Cup (Champions Cup), Velp 18-21.08.1999
European Youth Championship, Ludow Polski 26-31.07.1999
Confederation Cup, Vilnius 9-12.07.1999


  • Minutes of the EDC Executive Board Meeting n. 1 – 2019


    The EDC Executive Board Meeting n. 1 – 2019 (of the Executive Board elected on 03.08.2019) Rome, 28th September 2019, in the headquarters of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), in Largo Lauro de Bosis n. 15, the first Meeting …

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  • Minutes of EDC General Assembly of 3rd August 2019


    During the 1st Meeting of EDC Executive Board (EB), the EB has ratified unanimously the protocol (minutes of General Assembly) edited by Jan Zioltkowski and Ingrida Drukteynite. Here attached. 2019-08-03_EDC_GA_minutes

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  • 18th European Veteran Championships


    18th European Veteran Championships have been held in Korbach (Ger) from 31st August to 7th September 2019. The Championships have been organized by the Germany Interessengemeinschaft Damespiel in Deutschland, leaded from its President, Jan Zioltkowski, member of EDC Executive Board, …

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  • European Teams Championships 2019


    European Teams Championships 2019 – Chianciano Terme (ITA) 2nd – 7th September 2019 On Saturday 7th September, the 2019 European Team Championships organized by the Italian Draughts Federation under the auspices of the European Damaging Confederation (EDC) were concluded. The …

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  • 21st European Children & Youth Championship Results


    Warsaw (POL). 21st European Children & Youth Championship 2019, 1st-9th August 2019, with the Blitz and Rapids (8th and 9th August) ended an exiting Campionship, very well organising by the Polski Związek Warcabowy . The whole results (final standings, tournament …

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