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21st European Children & Youth Championship Results


Warsaw (POL). 21st European Children & Youth Championship 2019, 1st-9th August 2019, with the Blitz and Rapids (8th and 9th August) ended an exiting Campionship, very well organising by the Polski Związek Warcabowy .
The whole results (final standings, tournament and progress table, results of each round) in the link: https://fmjd.org/results/viewpage.php?page_id=1

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Carlo Bordini elected president of European Draughts Confederation


At the general meeting of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC) held in Warsaw over the weekend, Italian Draughts Federation (FID) president Carlo Bordini was elected as the new president of the EDC. The confederation’s headquarters will now relocate from Vilnius to Rome for the next four years. Elected to the management board of the EDC at the event were incumbent president Ingrida Drukteinytė (Vice-president, Lithuania), Johan Demasure (Vice-president, Belgium), Vasyl Nadraha (Vice-president, Ukraine), Tarmo Tulva (Estonia), Jan Zioltkowski (Germany) and Vladislav Splender (Belarus).

“Carlo is definitely the right person to lead European draughts for the next four years,” said World Draughts Federation (FMJD) president Janek Mäggi. “Italy is a strong draughts country with years of tradition and the impetus to achieve a lot for other countries as well. As the EDC was founded in Tallinn it’s had its headquarters here, as well as in Poland and Lithuania, so it’s only logical that it’s Western Europe’s turn. That Carlo was the best candidate for the post was reflected in the results of the vote as well: of the 13 countries voting, only one abstained and all of the others voted in his favour. I’d really like to thank Ingrida Drukteinytė for the work she’s put in as president, and appreciate very highly her wish to continue serving as a vice-president on the new management board.”

Former FMJD president and current director of international relations for the federation Harry Otten wished Bordini every success in his new post. “European draughts will be well served by his fresh ideas and pro-active approach,” he said. “In my view Carlo has demonstrated excellent organisational skills and an ability to see the bigger picture. Western Europe needs a stronger spokesperson in draughts and Carlo will definitely be able to bring the continent together, including by fostering cooperation with countries that are members of the EDC and FMJD but aren’t in the European Union. I’d also like to thank Ingrida for her contribution – European draughts has been in very good hands for the last few years.”

For his part, Carlo Bordini revealed that he was willing to stand for president of the EDC because he wanted to be part of the outstanding team overseeing draughts in Europe and around the world. “Organising competitions to a really high level is something I consider very important, as is getting new countries involved,” he said. “We should be promoting draughts all the time, because once you get into the game, you never want to give it up. It’s very popular in lots of countries – the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Russia and the Baltic States, among others – but as yet we don’t have any members from Scandinavia, for example. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, and I’m looking forward to doing it with the best team you could ask for.”

EDC Calendar 2019 (updated EC teams)


Updated April 16.

European Championship website is open


You can follow the EC 2018 website here.

European Veterans Championship 2018 winner is Ivan Kostionow


European Veterans Championship 2018 ended in Belarus. The winner of the championship is Ivan Kostionow from Russia with 12 points. Evgeni Gurkov from Russia got also 12 points and silver medal and Jakov Shaus became third with 11 points. All results can be found http://fmjd.org/results/tournaments/2018/f_573/tournament_table_acc_places.html

European Youth Championship website open



EDC Calendar 2018 (ENG)


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European Team Champions 2017 – Russia and Belarus (ENG)


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I Frisian draughts European Championships (ENG)


Veuillez consulter le calendrier EDC ici ou www.frisiandraughts.com.
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R. Boomstra and A. Kychkina European Champions Rapid 2017 (ENG)


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Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!