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    06.09.2020 - 15.09.2020

    9th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP VETERANSNof Hagalil Nazareth, IsraelSeptember 06th – 15th 2020The championship will be held on September, 06th – 15th 2020 (arriving day September 06th; departure September, 14th – 15th) in Nof Hagalil (Nazareth – Ilit).Official hotel: Hotel “Plaza”(5*****).Here below …

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  • European Draughts Championship 2020 Classic, Rapid, Blitz – Antalya (Turkey)

    04.10.2020 - 14.10.2020

    EC 2020 Turkey Antalya_Regulations_v6Prize money: XXI European Championship: 6.000€; X European Women Championship 4.000€; IX European Championship Rapid: 360€ (at least*); IX European Women Championship Rapid: 240€ (at least*); XV European Championship Blitz: 360€ (at least*); XIII European Women Championship …

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Statement on Coronavirus and European Championships Youth 2020


EDC Executive Board Statement on Coronavirus (Covid-19) and European Championships Youth 2020

Here below attached in English, Russian and French versions

14_2020 EDC EB Statement on Coronavirus & EC Youth 2020 ENG

14_2020 EDC EB Statement on Coronavirus & EC Youth 2020 RUS

14_2020 EDC EB Statement on Coronavirus & EC Youth 2020 FRA


Dear Friends, Dear Youth Draughts players and their relatives,


The EDC Executive Board is following carefully the evolution of Covid-19 in the whole Europe and in the World. Nobody can forecast what can happen in next weeks, but we really hope that within a couple of months the spread of this virus will decrease significantly in every country.

It is premature to say anything about the European Championships Youth 2020 planned in the beginning of August: they could be held regularly, postponed with a different date or conditions, or even cancelled (we really hope that it does not happen). Everyone’s health is certainly the most important thing to protect! 

For this reason, the EDC Board has decided to do not publish yet the Regulation of EC Youth, and we are inviting everybody to wait before booking anything.

By the end of May or early June, the EDC EB, together with the Estonian Draughts Federation, will decide what is possible and appropriate to do.

The EDC EB is sure of everyone’s understanding.

A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.


The President of the EDC

Carlo A. Bordini

Martijn van IJzendoorn and Viktoriya Motrichko won the Turkish Open 2020


Turkish Open World Cup 2020, Antalya, 7th-14th March.  Martijn van IJzendoorn (Netherlands) won the tournament (13 pts), followed by Jan Groenendijk (Netherlands), Guntis Valneris (Latvia) and Alexander Getmanski (12 pts).
Among the Women, it won Viktoriya Motrichko (Ukraine), 2nd Natalia Sadowska (Poland), 3rd Matrena Nogovitsyna (Russia) an 4th Angelina Popova (Russia), all four with 10 points.
Main Referee Jacek Pawlicki. Event Organizer Ibrahim Ismayilov



Thanks to Daminator for the pics!

V. Motrichko double gold in Israel


The Rapid and Blitz European Championships ended in Netanya (Israel)

Blitz Open:   1. Alexander Shvartsman (Russia), 2.  Y. Anikeev (Ukraine), 3.  I. Kirzner (Ukraine)

Blitz – Women: 1. Viktoriya Motrichko (Ukraine) 2. O. Fedorovich (Belarus) 3. T. Fedorova (Russia)

Rapid – Open: 1. Ainur Shaibakov (Russia), 2.  M. Amrillaev (Russia), 3. Y. Anikeev (Ukraine)

Rapid – Women: 1. Viktoriya Motrichko (Ukraine) 2. E. Cesnokova (Latvia), 3.  M. Nogovitsyna (Russia)

Motrichko is a first woman who made such a double – gold in rapid and blitz in one year. Before her, only Shvartsman did it (2013, 2015).

(c) Israeli Draughts Federation

Minutes of the EDC Executive Board Meeting n. 1 – 2019


The EDC Executive Board Meeting n. 1 – 2019 (of the Executive Board elected on 03.08.2019)

EDC Board Meeting 1_2019 The BoardRome, 28th September 2019, in the headquarters of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), in Largo Lauro de Bosis n. 15, the first Meeting of the EDC Executive Board elected in Varsaw on 03.08.2019 has taken place. At the 14.55, in presence of Carlo A. Bordini (ITA), President EDC, of Johan Demasure (BEL), Jan Zioltkowski (GER), Uladzislau Splendzer (BLR), Tarmo Tulva (EST), elected members of EDC Board, and also Krista Pahapill (member of EB Estonian Draughts Federation), Daniele Macali (FMJD TD Youth), Alessio Mecca (Italian Referee) and Davide Curcio (FID Secretariat), absent Ingrida Drukteynite (LIT) and Vasyl Nadraha (UKR), check the legal number (5 out of 7), the EDB Executive Board started working with the following Agenda: 1. Reading and ratification of the minutes of the general meeting and formal acceptance of the offices by EB members; (document in folder) 2. Opening speech by the President 3. Nominations of the Vice-presidents 4. Nominations of the general secretary and the treasurer 5. Nominations of the Treasurer’s Secretary 6. Tasks and operative roles of the EB members 7. Registered office 8. Nominations of Athletes and Trainers Committee and other possible Committee and tasks (Medical, Composition, etc.) 9. EDC 2020 Budget 10. Website and social media: analysis, evaluations and possible determinations. 11. Activities 2019 12. Activities 2020 and later: analysis, evaluations and possible determinations. 13. EDC Statute: analysis, evaluations and possible determinations. 14. EDC current Bank Account: analysis, evaluations and possible determinations. 15. EDC development activities 16. Proposal to the EDC (European Club Competition), other various and possible evaluations. (two document in folder). …. see the following attached file to read the whole minutes. 2019-09-28_EDC_Board-meeting Minutes

EDC EB Meeting 2019 Rome Group picRome Marble Stadium at CONI Headquarter

Minutes of EDC General Assembly of 3rd August 2019


During the 1st Meeting of EDC Executive Board (EB), the EB has ratified unanimously the protocol (minutes of General Assembly) edited by Jan Zioltkowski and Ingrida Drukteynite. Here attached. 2019-08-03_EDC_GA_minutes

18th European Veteran Championships


18th European Veteran Championships have been held in Korbach (Ger) from 31st August to 7th September 2019. The Championships have been organized by the Germany Interessengemeinschaft Damespiel in Deutschland, leaded from its President, Jan Zioltkowski, member of EDC Executive Board, who has been working for many years and with so much dedication has been taking care of the Veterans section of the draughts. Main Referee Aliaksander Aniska with Ingo Zachos who assisted him in this so intesive week of game. Thanks to the city of Korbach and to the German Draughts Federation for having hosted these Championships. Thanks to the players, women and men, it is nice to see so much passion and application in our beloved game. Congratulations to the winners (of the Classic Championships) Jeroen Kos (Netherlands, Overall, 50 +), Peter Van Der Stap (Netherlands, 60+), Alexander Rats (Russia, 70+) Barbara Graas (Women), Fred Ivens (Netherland, Blitz), Jakov Shaus (Israel, Rapid) and their respective National Federations. Details at the link: https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/f_2589/final_standings&9.html https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/f_2590/final_standings&9.html https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/f_2622/final_standings&9.html

European Teams Championships 2019


European Teams Championships 2019 – Chianciano Terme (ITA) 2nd – 7th September 2019 On Saturday 7th September, the 2019 European Team Championships organized by the Italian Draughts Federation under the auspices of the European Damaging Confederation (EDC) were concluded. The Athletes (forty, divided between damisti and damisti) representing ten national teams, competed in the “classic”, “blitz” and “rapide” specialties. The Championships direction was entrusted to Villem Lüüs (EST), assisted by Alessio Mecca (ITA). The Russia Teams have triumphed in both categories, male and female, in the “classic” specialty. Excellent performances also for Holland, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland in the “blitz” and “rapid” specialties. In the evening on Saturday 7th, at the Parco delle Terme di Chianciano – in the presence of the FID and EDC President, other representants of FID (the FID Vice Presidents Claudio Ciampi and Luca Iacovelli, Giuliana Tenucci curator of the event, the vice-general secretary FID Claudio Natale), of the Councilor for sport of the City of Chianciano, Andrea Morganti and of the delegated Councilor Laura Ballati, of the Head of the Press Office of the Terme di Chianciano Angela Betti, of the representative of the Italian National Olympic Committee in Tuscany, Stefano Tacconi and of the governor del Panathlon of Tuscany, Orietta Maggi Aprea – with the show of flag-wavers and national anthems, the closing ceremony and the awarding of the winning teams took place. Here following the complete results: ETCh. Men “Classic”: “Classic” Spec: 1st Russia 10 pts, 2nd Netherlands 11, 3rd Belarus 10.28, 4th Ukraine 10.24; 5th Belgium 6; Italy1 3.15; Italy2 3.11; Czech Rep. 1. Details at the link: https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/fd_2540 ETCh. Men “Blitz”: 1st Ukraine 12 pts; 2nd Netherlands 11; 3rd Russia 10.29; 4th Belarus 10.26; 5th Italy1 6; 6th Belgium 4; 7th Czech Rep. 3; 8th Italy2 0. https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/fd_2625/final_standings_teams&7.html ETCh. Men “Rapid”: 1st Russia 11 pts; 2nd Belarus 9; 3rd Netherlands 7.23; 4th Ukraine 7.22; 5th Italy1 4.14; Czech Rep. 4.12; Italy2 0. https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/fd_2605/final_standings_teams&7.html ETCh. Women “Classic”: 1st Russia 8 pts, 2nd Ukraine 7, 3rd Belarus 6.13, 4th Poland 6.12, 5th Estonia 3, 6th Italy 0. https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/fd_2539 ETCh. Women “Blitz”: 1st Russia 9 pts; 2nd Belarus 7.13 (8,5); 3rd Poland 7.13 (4, 9); 4th Ukraine 4; 5th Estonia 3; 6th Italy 0. https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/fd_2624/final_standings_teams&5.html ETCh. Women “Rapid”: 1st Ukraine points 8.14 (tie break 3-1); 2nd Belarus 8.14 (t.b. 1-3); 3rd Russia 6.14; 4th Poland 6.12, 5th Estonia 2, 6th Italy 0. https://results.fmjd.org/tournaments/2019/fd_2604/final_standings_teams&5.html

21st European Children & Youth Championship Results


Warsaw (POL). 21st European Children & Youth Championship 2019, 1st-9th August 2019, with the Blitz and Rapids (8th and 9th August) ended an exiting Campionship, very well organising by the Polski Związek Warcabowy .
The whole results (final standings, tournament and progress table, results of each round) in the link: https://fmjd.org/results/viewpage.php?page_id=1

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Carlo Bordini elected president of European Draughts Confederation


At the general meeting of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC) held in Warsaw over the weekend, Italian Draughts Federation (FID) president Carlo Bordini was elected as the new president of the EDC. The confederation’s headquarters will now relocate from Vilnius to Rome for the next four years. Elected to the management board of the EDC at the event were incumbent president Ingrida Drukteinytė (Vice-president, Lithuania), Johan Demasure (Vice-president, Belgium), Vasyl Nadraha (Vice-president, Ukraine), Tarmo Tulva (Estonia), Jan Zioltkowski (Germany) and Vladislav Splender (Belarus).

“Carlo is definitely the right person to lead European draughts for the next four years,” said World Draughts Federation (FMJD) president Janek Mäggi. “Italy is a strong draughts country with years of tradition and the impetus to achieve a lot for other countries as well. As the EDC was founded in Tallinn it’s had its headquarters here, as well as in Poland and Lithuania, so it’s only logical that it’s Western Europe’s turn. That Carlo was the best candidate for the post was reflected in the results of the vote as well: of the 13 countries voting, only one abstained and all of the others voted in his favour. I’d really like to thank Ingrida Drukteinytė for the work she’s put in as president, and appreciate very highly her wish to continue serving as a vice-president on the new management board.”

Former FMJD president and current director of international relations for the federation Harry Otten wished Bordini every success in his new post. “European draughts will be well served by his fresh ideas and pro-active approach,” he said. “In my view Carlo has demonstrated excellent organisational skills and an ability to see the bigger picture. Western Europe needs a stronger spokesperson in draughts and Carlo will definitely be able to bring the continent together, including by fostering cooperation with countries that are members of the EDC and FMJD but aren’t in the European Union. I’d also like to thank Ingrida for her contribution – European draughts has been in very good hands for the last few years.”

For his part, Carlo Bordini revealed that he was willing to stand for president of the EDC because he wanted to be part of the outstanding team overseeing draughts in Europe and around the world. “Organising competitions to a really high level is something I consider very important, as is getting new countries involved,” he said. “We should be promoting draughts all the time, because once you get into the game, you never want to give it up. It’s very popular in lots of countries – the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Russia and the Baltic States, among others – but as yet we don’t have any members from Scandinavia, for example. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, and I’m looking forward to doing it with the best team you could ask for.”

EDC Calendar 2019 (updated EC teams)


Updated April 16.


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!