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  • Checker 64 — European Championships 3-move 2023

    12.05.2023 - 14.05.2023

    For the first time also with the patronage of EDC, will be held in Misano Adriatico (Italy), the 2nd European Championship 3-move (Men, Women, Youth), organized by FID and WCDFCheckers 64 -European Championships 3-move 2023



    11.06.2023 - 18.06.2023

    13th  EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS 7th  EUROPEAN WOMEN’S TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS Classic, Rapid, BlitzFollonica – Italy, 12th – 18th June, 2023EC_Teams_2023_Rules_Regulations v3 2023_EC Teams 2023 Registration Form


EDC Executive Board Meeting 4/2022 – minutes


Dear Friends,

here below, attached, in English, French, Ukrainian and Russian version, the EDC Executive Board Meeting 4/2022 – minutes, held on 6th December, 2022. 

A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.

Carlo A. Bordini

EDC EB Meeting 4_2022 Minutes v1_ENG EDC EB Meeting 4_2022 Minutes v1_FRA EDC EB Meeting 4_2022 Minutes v1_UA EDC EB Meeting 4_2022 Minutes v1_RUS

European Championships 2023 — Calendar


Dear National Federations,Dear Friends,Here attached the letter with the Calendar of European Championship 2023.

Best Regards.

2023_013 EDC 2023 CalendarCarlo A. Bordini

EDC annual fee 2023 (Deadline 28th February)


Dear Friends,

during the recent EDC Executive Board Meeting, it’s been set the deadline to pay the EDC annual fee of 50,00 €, as Ordinary Member. 

Federations have to pay that amount by the 28th February 2023, using the following EDC bank account coordinates.

Bank:  Intesa Sanpaolo

Bank account named to: European Draughts Confederation

IBAN: IT88P0306909606100000190151


Reason: EDC Annual fee 2023 of (name of federation)

Best Regards.

Carlo A. Bordini — President EDC

EDC Executive Board Meeting 3/2022 – minutes


Dear Friends,

here below, attached, in English and French version (soon also Russian and Ukrainian ones), the EDC Executive Board Meeting 3/2022 – minutes, held on 17th September 2022. 

A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.

Carlo A. Bordini

FR_EDC EB Meeting 3_2022 Minutes v2 EDC EB Meeting 3_2022 Minutes v2_ENG EDC EB Meeting 3_2022 Minutes v2_UA EDC EB Meeting 3_2022 Minutes v2_RUS

European Champions Blitz and Rapid 2022


Hijken (Netherlands), 22nd-23rd October, 2022.

Wouter Sipma (NED) 🇳🇱 is the European Champion Rapid 2022! On the podium also Artem Ivanov (UKR) 🇺🇦 and Guntis Valneris (LAT) 🇱🇻 . Natalia Sadowska (POL) 🇵🇱  is the European Champion of Women; Silver Medal to Marta Bankowska (POL) 🇵🇱 and Bronze to Viktoriya Motrichko (UKR) 🇺🇦. 

Roel Boomsta (NED) 🇳🇱 won the European Championship Blitz. Silver Medal to Yuriy Anikeev (UKR) 🇺🇦; Bronze to Guntis Valneris (LAT) 🇱🇻.  Between the Women Natalia Sadowska (POL) 🇵🇱 won and realized a tris of  Titles 2022 with EC Blitz after EC Classic and Rapid: congratulations! Get on the podium also Viktoriya Motrichko (UKR) 🇺🇦🥈, and Marta Bankowska (POL) 🇵🇱.

Main Referee Joha Demasure. Here below also Awarding Ceremony of Rapid.

EC Rapid results and standing EC Women Rapid results and standingEC Blitz results and standing  EC Women Blitz results and standing


Pictures: EC podium Rapid and Blitz; EC Women podium Rapid and Blitz; with the Main Referee and Vice President EDC Johan Demasure


Natalia Sadowska & Jan Groenendijk European Championship Women & Men 2022


Kortrijk (Belgium), 3rd-9th October.

European Draughts Championship 2022 Open and Women (Qualifiers WC 2023). Jan Groenendijk Netherlands 🇳🇱 won EC Men, followed by Jitse Slump 🇳🇱 and Roel Boomstra 🇳🇱. 

Natalia Sadowska 🇵🇱  won Title Women, followed by Marta Bankowska 🇵🇱  and Vikoriya Motrichko 🇺🇦 .

Qualified for the WC 23 also Guntis Valneris 🇱🇻, Arnaud Cordier 🇫🇷 and Yuriy Anikeev 🇺🇦. And for the Women also Olga Batazhy 🇺🇦, Olena Korotka 🇺🇦, Myja Plestyte 🇱🇹  and Lisa Scholtens 🇳🇱. About Team Netherland won, second Ukraine, third Lithuania. Poland won Team Women, followed by Ukraine and Lithuania.

During the awarding ceremony Alex Libbrecht, President of the Belgian Draughts Federation made a speech thanking everybody and above all Johan Demasure for the amazing organization and his wife Krista for the great support. Also Ruth Vandenberge, Mayor of the city of Kortrijk, spoke and awarded the winner together with President EDC Carlo Bordini. 

Details on https://ec22.be

European Championships Veteran and Under 27


European Draughts Championships Under 27 and Veterans 2022. Osio Sotto (BG), Italy — 19th-25th September, 2022

EC Under 27: Alessio Scaggiante (Italy)  is the Champion Under 27; 2nd Paul Robin (France), 3rd Domantas Norkus (Lithuania).  Vira Popruha (Ukraine) won Women Under27; 2nd place for Simona Trifonovate (Lithuania); 3rd Sofia Pandolfo (Italy).

Walter Raimondi (Italy, 50+) won EC Veteran, followed by Andrew Tjong A Ong (Netherland, 60+); 3rd Ivan Fred (Netherland, 70+). Romualda Shidlauskiene (Lithuania) confirmed Champion Women Veteran. European Championship Blitz. Vaidas Stasytis (Lithuania, 50+) won Veteran Men; 2nd Jacov Shaus (Israel) (EC Champion 70+); 3rd Fidele Nimbi (France). Estebe Gabriele (France) won EC Veteran Rapid 60+.  Romualda Shidlauskiene (Lithuania) won EC Veteran of Women.  Domantas Norkus (Lithuania) won Under 27, 2nd Alessio Scaggiante (Italy), 3rd Paul Robin (France). Vira Popruha (Ukraine) won the EC Blitz Women Under 27; 2nd Merilii Jalg (Estonia), 3rd Simona Trifonovate (Lithuania).

European Campionship Rapid: Between the Veteran Men the Champion is Piotr Paluch (Poland, 60+); 2nd Vaidas Stasytis (Lithuania) (Champion EC 50+); 3rd Walter Raimondi (Italy); Daniele Bertè (Italy) won EC 70*.  Romualda Shidlauskiene (Lithuania) won the EC Rapid Women.
European Champion Rapid Under 27 is Alessio Scaggiante (Italy); 27Denis Mezhenin (Ukraine); 3rd Orest Slava (Ukraine). European Rapid Champion Under 27 is Simona Trifonovate (Lithuania); 2nd Hanna Dmytrenko (Ukraine); 3rd Vira Popruha (Ukraine)

Main Referee EC Veterans  Jan Zioltkowski (Germany) helped by Stefano Iacono (Itraly).Main Referee EC Under 27 Johan Demasure (Belgium).

During the Closing Ceremony EDC President Carlo Bordini thanked everybody for the amazing days in Bergamo. Congratulations to the Winners!

Dewtailn on the official website of the events: EC Veterans & Under27 — 2022

Deadline for ECs Rapid and Blitz extended till October 15th.


To all the Draughts Federations of Europe

The last day for the subscriptions of European Championships Rapid and Blitz is extended till October 15th.
Please remember that player application have to come (or confirmed) by their National Federation, that is Federations for whom they have (sport) citizenship, according to the FMJD internal rules.

European Championship 2022 list of participants


Attached the list of participants in European Championships 2022.

European Championship 2022 list of participants

European Championship Veterans and Under 27 — updates


Venues, rescheduled Awarding Ceremony and Veterans Prize

Attached an informative communication regarding some updates of the next European Championship Veteran and Under 27.
Official website of the event:https://www.federdama.org/cms/ec-veterans-u27-2022/index.php

European Championship Veteran and Under 27 updates

EDC Executive Board Meeting 2/2022 – minutes


Dear Friends,

here below, attached, in English, French, Ukrainian and Russian version, the EDC Executive Board Meeting 2/2022 – minutes, held on 6th July 2022. 

A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.

Carlo A. Bordini

EDC EB Meeting 2_2022 Minutes v2_ENG FR_EDC EB Meeting 2_2022 Minutes EDC EB Meeting 2_2022 Minutes v2_UA EDC EB Meeting 2_2022 Minutes v2_RUS

Official website of the European Championship of Veterans and Under27


The European Championship Veterans and Under 27 will be held in Osio Sotto (Bergamo) — Italy from 19th to 25th September. You can follow the results and news on the official website of the tournament – EC Veterans & Under27 — 2022

Official website of the European Youth Championship


The European Youth Championship started in Nevsehir, Turkey. You can follow the results and news on the official website of the tournament — https://eyc2022.draughts.com.ua

22nd European Youth Championship


<p>Dear National Federations,</p><p>Dear Friends,</p><p>here attached the Rules and Regulation of 22nd European Youth Championship that will be held from the 1<sup>st</sup> to the 9<sup>th</sup> of August 2022 in Nevsehir, Turkey.</p><p>See attachments with Rules and Regulation and file xls for inscription.</p><p>Best Regards</p><p>Johan Demasure &amp; Carlo A. Bordini</p><p><a href=”http://europedraughts.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/ECY_2022-_Rules_Regulations.pdf”>ECY_2022 _Rules_Regulations</a> <a href=”http://europedraughts.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/EDC-EKJ-Turkije-2022.xlsx_.zip”>EDC -EKJ Turkije 2022.xlsx</a><a href=”https://eyc2022.draughts.com.ua/”>Official website</a></p>

Suspension of the Draughts Federation of Russia and the Belarusian Draughts Federation from the FMJD


To: Every member of the EDC


European Championships 2022 — Calendar


Dear National Federations,
Dear Friends,

Here attached the letter with the schedule of European Championship planned in 2022.

Best Regards.

Carlo A. Bordini


EDC 2022 Eu Championships Calendar

FMJD and EDC resolution


EDC condemns the war!

By mutual agreement with FMJD (and also following the IOC statement): Russia and Belarus are suspended from all the draughts activities.

See the attached resolution concerning activities under the aegis of FMJD and EDC.


The EDC has just activated a Helping Center to help the Ukrainian draughts players in whatever way it’s possible (clothes, food, and in some case a temporary roof for who must leave the Country).

Write to: EDC.helpingcenter@europedraughts.org


Best Regards

The EDC Executive Board



EDC Executive Board Meeting 9 2021 – minutes


Dear Friends,

here below, attached, in English, French and Russian version, the EDC Executive Board Meeting 9/2021 – minutes, held on 22th December, 2021. 

Next Executive Board Meeting will be held on 18th February, 2022.

A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.

Carlo A. Bordini

EDC EB Meeting 9_2021 Minutes v1_ENG EDC EB Meeting 9_2021 Minutes v1_RUS FR_EDC EB Meeting 9_2021 Minutes v1docx

European Draughts Confederation — Officially Recognized since November, 2021


Dear Friends,
it’s a great pleasure tu announce that finally the European Draughts Confederation is officially recognized and with a tax code.

From 16th November, 2021, after official recognition by the Italian agency, we can finally say that EDC really exists as a body.
The next step will be the opening of an own bank account.

Carlo A. Bordini — President EDC

EDC Registration Deed English 16.11.2021 part I EDC Registration Deed English 16.11.2021 part II EDC Registration Deed English 16.11.2021 Part III Attribution of EDC Tax Code

EDC Executive Board Meeting 8 2021 – minutes


Dear Friends,

here below, attached, in English and French and Russian version, the EDC Executive Board Meeting 8/2021 – minutes, held on 9th October, 2021. (after the EDC General Assembly)

A friendly draughts embrace to all of you.

Carlo A. Bordini

EDC EB Meeting 8_2021 Minutes v2_ENG EDC EB Meeting 8_2021 Minutes v2_RUS FR_EDC EB Meeting 8_2021 Minutes v2

European Championship Draughts 100 — Under 27


Kortrijk, Belgium — 14 -22 November 2021

Follow the European Championship Under 27 on the official website: EKU27.BE

Picture: two moment of Opening Ceremony and a shot of second round

EDC General Assembly 2021 — Minutes


Dear Friends,

here attached the EDC General Assembly 2021 – Minutes, in English, Russian and French.

Best Regards.

Carlo A. Bordini

EDC GA 2021 Minutes v3 FR_EDC GA 2021 Minutes v3 EDC GA 2021 Minutes v3_RUS

EDC General Assembly 2021 — Short minutes


The General Assembly of the EDC was held in Chianciano Terme (Italy), Saturday 9 October. The following Federations were directly present: Belarus (Vital Aniska), Belgium (Johan Demasure), Czech Republic (Petra Duskova), Estonia (Tarmo Tulva), Italy (Carlo Bordini), Latvia (Guntis Valneris), Lithuania (Romualda Shidlauskene), The Netherlands (Rik Keurentjes), Poland (Damian Reszka), Russia (Yurii Chertock), Ukraine (Anatolii Yatsenko), two federations by proxy (Turkey represented by Italy and Germany by Poland) in addition to Slovenia which expressed a favorable opinion new statute by e-mail. In total 13 + 1 federations represented out of 21 with the right to vote, then with a large majority to declare the General assembly valid. Also present were the former EDC and FMJD President Janek Maggi, Daniele Macali, Edvard Buzinskij and Uladislav Splendzer, member of the EDC Executive Board. An interpreter English-Russian has been present for all the time of GA.

  At the 15.30 the President EDC Carlo Bordini opened the works, flanked by Johan Demasure (Vice President), Tarmo Tulva (TD) and Uladislav Splendzer (PC), of the Executive Board. The EDC reports and balances were shared, and new Statute and Annex I (with Ordinary and Associated Members) were approved. The ongoing European Under27 and Veteran Championships were presented. Other issues were treated as the schedule of World Youth Championships too close to the usual EDC one, for which matter EDC will send an official letter of protest to the FMJD (as requested by EDC GA). An annual fee of 50 € for EDC Federations was established, which will be canceled in case that FMJD will restore the 50% of annual fees (120 €) to the Continental Confederations, that needs resource (also little) to act.
At 18.30, having been discussed all the points in agenda and all the requests of the GA, the President Carlo Bordini declared the GA works closed, thanking everbody for their participation.


A gala dinner was offered to the participants at the EDC GA.

Ps: during the EDC Executive Board on the night, Tarmo Tulva replaced the charge of second Vice President left from Ingrida Drukteinyte.
The Board, taking the input of GA agreed to renew the Atlethes and Trainers Commission, Rik Keurentjes confirmed as trainer and two players (one man and a women) to be confirmed to the next Board (Guntis Valneris and Tamara Tansikkuzhina).

Photo Gallery (Below): Continue reading →

European Championships 2021 — Chianciano Terme (Italy)


 European Championship Teams and Individuals – Chianciano Terme (Italy), 4th-11th October 2021

Russia (A. Getmanski, A. Shaibakov, A. Murodullo, I. Trofimov; A. Georgiev, I. Daniel) won the Team Championship, followed by Netherlands and France

The Belarus (O. Fedorovich, V. Nikalayeva, P. Petrusiova) won the Women’s Team Championship; 2nd place for Russia and 3rd Netherlands


European Team Championship – Blitz.

Men’s one is the prerogative of Russia( A. Murodullo, A. Shaibakov, A. Shvartsman, A. Getmanski; A. Georgiev, I. Daniel); also Netherlands and Italy  on the podium.

Between the Women, Russia team (T. Tansykkuzhina, A. Idrisova, M. Nogovitsyna, A. Aminova) gets onto the top step of the podium, flanked by Poland and Belarus.

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European Veterans and Under-27 Championships 2023 — Results


European Veterans and Under-27 Championships

The European Championships of Veteran and Under 27, which took place in Julinek, Poland, from 19th to 25th March, excellently organized by the Polish Draughts Federation (Polski Zwiazek Warcabowy) have just ended. Main Referee Bartosz Socha.

In the Classic competition, the Polish Piotr Paluch prevails among the veterans, following by Dutch Frank Teer and Italian Walter Raimondi, defending champion. Among the Women, the Lithuanian Romualda Shidlauskiene is the winner, following by Polishes Ewa Wierczorek and Barbara Wojcik. In the categories for age, Walter Raimondi (Italy) is the best of the Over 50, followed by Vaidas Stasytis (Lithuania) and Andrzej Slapinski (Poland). Piotr Paluch is also the winner of the Title of European Champion Over60, ahead of Victors Mateiko (Latvia). Among the Over 70, Frank Teer (Netherland) prevails ahead of his compatriot Arie Janssen Van Doorn; Jakov Shaus (Israel) also on the podium. Continue reading →


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!