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  • 24th European Youth Championship

    31.07.2024 - 10.08.2024

    Under the auspices of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC), Latvian Draughts Federation (EDF) will organize the 24rd European Youth Championship.The championship will be held from the 1st to the 9th of August 2024 in Jelgava Castle, Lielā iela 2, Jelgava, …


EDC General Assembly 2023 — Nominations for Executive Board and Auditors (2023-2027)


Dear Federations,

following the official convocation of EDC General Assembly, these following the candidatures received 

Candidatures for 1 seat of President EDC

1. BORDINI Carlo Andrea (ITA) (EDC prot. n. 098/2023 of 30.06.2023)

Candidatures for 5 seats of Executive Board Member

1. DEMASURE Johan (BEL) (EDC prot. n. 097/2023 of 29.06.2023)

2. PAWLOWSKA Magda (POL)  (EDC prot. n. 103/2023 of 05.07.2023)

3. TULVA tarmo (EST)  (EDC prot. n. 089/2023 of 27.06.2023)

4. USHAKOV Gleb (UKR)  (EDC prot. n. 101/2023 of 04.07.2023)

5. ZIOLTKOWSKI Jan (GER)  (EDC prot. n. 102/2023 of 05.07.2023)

Candidatures for 1 seat of  Auditor:

1. Harak Aare (EST)   (EDC prot. n. 099/2023 of 01.07.2023)

Candidatures for 1 seat of  Deputy Auditor:

None application. Federations are invited to propose any candidates for this seat, also extra time.

Candidature Candidatures for 1 seat of Assistant Auditor:

1. STEGEMAN Bart (SLO) (EDC prot. n. 100/2023 of 04.07.2023)

Best Regards.

Carlo A. Bordini — President EDC


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!