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EDC General Assembly 2023 – Nominations for Executive Board and Auditors (2023-2027)

Dear Federations,

following the official convocation of EDC General Assembly, these following the candidatures received 

Candidatures for 1 seat of President EDC

1. BORDINI Carlo Andrea (ITA) (EDC prot. n. 098/2023 of 30.06.2023)

Candidatures for 5 seats of Executive Board Member

1. DEMASURE Johan (BEL) (EDC prot. n. 097/2023 of 29.06.2023)

2. PAWLOWSKA Magda (POL)  (EDC prot. n. 103/2023 of 05.07.2023)

3. TULVA tarmo (EST)  (EDC prot. n. 089/2023 of 27.06.2023)

4. USHAKOV Gleb (UKR)  (EDC prot. n. 101/2023 of 04.07.2023)

5. ZIOLTKOWSKI Jan (GER)  (EDC prot. n. 102/2023 of 05.07.2023)

Candidatures for 1 seat of  Auditor:

1. Harak Aare (EST)   (EDC prot. n. 099/2023 of 01.07.2023)

Candidatures for 1 seat of  Deputy Auditor:

None application. Federations are invited to propose any candidates for this seat, also extra time.

Candidature Candidatures for 1 seat of Assistant Auditor:

1. STEGEMAN Bart (SLO) (EDC prot. n. 100/2023 of 04.07.2023)

Best Regards.

Carlo A. Bordini – President EDC


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!