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European Team Champions 2017 – Russia and Belarus


On September 16-22 in Vilnius, Lithuania the 2017 European Team Championships were held. The winner on main tournament is Russia, followed by Belarus and Lithuania I.

EC Team 2017 men winners

 On women’s tournament the top 3 teams: Belarus, followed by Ukraine and Latvia.

EC Team 2017 women winners

Full results of EC Teams 2017 main tournaments:

Men tournament

Women tournament

During EC teams 2017 tournament also Blitz and rapid championships were held. You can follow the results of the Blitz and Rapid tournaments:

Men tournament(Rapid)

Women tournament(Rapid)

Men tournament(Blitz)

Women tournament(Blitz)

Pictures of EC Teams 2017 on Lithuanian Draughts Federation website can be viewed here.


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!