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  • European Draughts Championship 2024 – Open and Women – Classi, Rapid, Blitz

    01.06.2024 - 09.06.2024

    The organization of the European Draughts Championship 2024 has been allotted by the EDC to the Italian Draughts Federation (FID) and will take place in Chianciano Terme (Tuscany), from Monday, 2nd June, 2024, till Sunday, 9th June.Attached Rules and RegulationsEC24_Draughts100_Rules_Regulations signed v2

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  • 24th European Youth Championship

    31.07.2024 - 10.08.2024

    Under the auspices of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC), Latvian Draughts Federation (EDF) will organize the 24rd European Youth Championship.The championship will be held from the 1st to the 9th of August 2024 in Jelgava Castle, Lielā iela 2, Jelgava, …

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EDC General Assembly 2021 – Short minutes


The General Assembly of the EDC was held in Chianciano Terme (Italy), Saturday 9 October. The following Federations were directly present: Belarus (Vital Aniska), Belgium (Johan Demasure), Czech Republic (Petra Duskova), Estonia (Tarmo Tulva), Italy (Carlo Bordini), Latvia (Guntis Valneris), Lithuania (Romualda Shidlauskene), The Netherlands (Rik Keurentjes), Poland (Damian Reszka), Russia (Yurii Chertock), Ukraine (Anatolii Yatsenko), two federations by proxy (Turkey represented by Italy and Germany by Poland) in addition to Slovenia which expressed a favorable opinion new statute by e-mail. In total 13 + 1 federations represented out of 21 with the right to vote, then with a large majority to declare the General assembly valid. Also present were the former EDC and FMJD President Janek Maggi, Daniele Macali, Edvard Buzinskij and Uladislav Splendzer, member of the EDC Executive Board. An interpreter English-Russian has been present for all the time of GA.

  At the 15.30 the President EDC Carlo Bordini opened the works, flanked by Johan Demasure (Vice President), Tarmo Tulva (TD) and Uladislav Splendzer (PC), of the Executive Board. The EDC reports and balances were shared, and new Statute and Annex I (with Ordinary and Associated Members) were approved. The ongoing European Under27 and Veteran Championships were presented. Other issues were treated as the schedule of World Youth Championships too close to the usual EDC one, for which matter EDC will send an official letter of protest to the FMJD (as requested by EDC GA). An annual fee of 50 € for EDC Federations was established, which will be canceled in case that FMJD will restore the 50% of annual fees (120 €) to the Continental Confederations, that needs resource (also little) to act.
At 18.30, having been discussed all the points in agenda and all the requests of the GA, the President Carlo Bordini declared the GA works closed, thanking everbody for their participation.


A gala dinner was offered to the participants at the EDC GA.

Ps: during the EDC Executive Board on the night, Tarmo Tulva replaced the charge of second Vice President left from Ingrida Drukteinyte.
The Board, taking the input of GA agreed to renew the Atlethes and Trainers Commission, Rik Keurentjes confirmed as trainer and two players (one man and a women) to be confirmed to the next Board (Guntis Valneris and Tamara Tansikkuzhina).

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Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!