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European Veterans and Under-27 Championships 2023 — Results


European Veterans and Under-27 Championships

The European Championships of Veteran and Under 27, which took place in Julinek, Poland, from 19th to 25th March, excellently organized by the Polish Draughts Federation (Polski Zwiazek Warcabowy) have just ended. Main Referee Bartosz Socha.

In the Classic competition, the Polish Piotr Paluch prevails among the veterans, following by Dutch Frank Teer and Italian Walter Raimondi, defending champion. Among the Women, the Lithuanian Romualda Shidlauskiene is the winner, following by Polishes Ewa Wierczorek and Barbara Wojcik. In the categories for age, Walter Raimondi (Italy) is the best of the Over 50, followed by Vaidas Stasytis (Lithuania) and Andrzej Slapinski (Poland). Piotr Paluch is also the winner of the Title of European Champion Over60, ahead of Victors Mateiko (Latvia). Among the Over 70, Frank Teer (Netherland) prevails ahead of his compatriot Arie Janssen Van Doorn; Jakov Shaus (Israel) also on the podium.

Also among the Veterans, the Italian Walter Raimondi triumphs in the Blitz specialty, ahead of Vaidas Stasytis (LIT) and Ivan Fred (NED). Among the women Romualda Shidlauskiene (LIT) won, ahead of the Polish Wioletta Flisikowska and Teresa Josk. Got on the podium of the Over 50 Walter Raimondi (ITA), Vaidas Stasytis (LIT) and Andrzej Slapinski (POL). On the Over 60 podium: Andrew Tjon A Ong (NED), Piotr Paluch (POL) and Igor Lisovyi (UKR). The best Over 70 is Fred Ivens (NED), second Frank Teer (NED), third Jacok Shaus (ISR).

In the Veterans Rapid Frank Teer (NED) is crowned European Champion, ahead of Vaidas Stasytis (LIT) and Jacok Shaus (ISR). Among the women same podium of the Blitz: European Champion is Romualda Shidlauskiene (LIT), ahead of Wioletta Flisikowska (POL) and Teresa Josk (POL). Among the Over 50 the best is Vaidas Stasytis (LIT), joined on the podium by Walter Raimondi (ITA) and Andrzej Slapinski (POL).  Andrew Tjon A Ong (NED) prevails among the Over 60, second Piotr Paluch (POL), third Victors Mateiko (LET). Among the Over 70, Frank Teer (NED) won, following by Jacok Shaus (ISR) and Fred Ivens (NED)

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European Under-27 Championships

Among the Youths, Under 27, great balance between the first four classified in the Classic specialty, equal on points and with podium determined by the tie-break. The Ukrainian Andrii Blokha is crowned European Champion thanks to the best quotient, ahead of the Latvian Ricards Ositis, the Polish Franciszek Szumera and the Ukrainian Ivan Surok, outside podium after tie-break. Lithuanian Emilija Batkovskaja is new European Champion of Women Under 27, second place for Alona Nosarieva. In the Blitz the Polish Mateusz Stanczuk prevails in final standings following by his compatriot Dominik Rubaj; third Egor Bobkov (UKR). Among the women, the best is the Ukrainian Vira Poprurha, joined on the podium by Alona Nosarieva (UKR) and Merilii Jalg (EST). In U27 Rapid Mateusz Stanczuk (POL) is the winner, second Egor Bobkov (UKR), third Andrii Blokha. Among women, the best is Marta Bankowska (POL); on the podium also Hanna Dmytrenko (UKR) and Emilija Batkowskaja (LIT)

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Below the other top podiums.



Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!