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Next Meeting of the Executive Board EDC


Subject: Convocation notice of Meeting of the Executive Board EDC

EB n. 2 – 1st/2020 of the Executive Board elected on 03.08.2019

To all the Members of the Executive Board EDC

and for information to all the Federations, players and coach of EDC

The next Meeting of the Executive Board, the second of the EB elected in Warsaw on 3rd August 2019, which will be held via Google Meet, on Saturday 13th June, 2020, starting at 9:30 am Time zone Rome/Berlin/Brussels and Stockholm (at 10.30 time zone Tallin, Kiev/Minsk), until 12:00 pm, with the possibility of keep working, just if strictly necessary, in the evening.


  1. Opening speech by the President
  2. Activities 2020 and Covid-­‐19: analysis, evaluations and possible determinations
    • European Championships Youth 2020
    • European Championships (adults) 2020
    • European Championships Veterans 2020
  3. Regulatory protocol of measures for the contrast and containment of contagion risks from virus covid-­‐19 in the practice of draughts in Europe (Guide lines for playing safely)
  4. EDC Balance 2019
  5. Other various and possible evaluations.

Best Regards.

The EDC President

Carlo A. Bordini


Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!