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Janek Mäggi re-elected as President of European Draughts Confederation for the third term


In the European Draughts Confederation general meeting taken place today in Tallinn Chess House. Janek Mäggi, who has been the head of the Confederation since 2007, was re-elected as the President of European Draughts Confederation for a third term. The headquarters of the EDC will remain in Tallinn until 2019.


 “Tallinn has become one of the most important centres for draughts in Europe, where several international championships take place each year,” said Harry Otten, the President of the World Draughts Federation. “Janek Mäggi along with his team has made a lot happen in enlivening the European draught life. Not only Estonian, but the whole European mindsport has won from it.”

 European Draughts Confederation newly elected board members are also: Youry Lipnitsky (Belarus), Juri Chertok (Russia), Jan Zioltkowski (Germany), Ingrida Drukteinyte (Lithuania) Vitali Aniska (Belarus), Isig Eskiižmirli (Turkey) and Aare Harak (Estonia).

 “The headquarters of the European Draughts Confederation staying in Estonia is a recognition to 8 years of work that we can be thankful for to the city of Tallinn, Ministry of Culture, the Government and sponsors that have supporter our work in a great way,” said Janek Mäggi, the President of the European Draughts Confederation. “The keywords for the next four years are going to be high level organization of all European championships and overall promotion of draughts in all of Europe – including countries where draughts is played a little or not at all.”


  • V. Motrichko double gold in Israel


    The Rapid and Blitz European Championships ended in Netanya (Israel)Blitz Open:   1. Alexander Shvartsman (Russia), 2.  Y. Anikeev (Ukraine), 3.  I. Kirzner (Ukraine)Blitz – Women: 1. Viktoriya Motrichko (Ukraine) 2. O. Fedorovich (Belarus) 3. T. Fedorova (Russia)Rapid – Open: 1. …

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  • Minutes of the EDC Executive Board Meeting n. 1 – 2019


    The EDC Executive Board Meeting n. 1 – 2019 (of the Executive Board elected on 03.08.2019) Rome, 28th September 2019, in the headquarters of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), in Largo Lauro de Bosis n. 15, the first Meeting …

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  • Minutes of EDC General Assembly of 3rd August 2019


    During the 1st Meeting of EDC Executive Board (EB), the EB has ratified unanimously the protocol (minutes of General Assembly) edited by Jan Zioltkowski and Ingrida Drukteynite. Here attached. 2019-08-03_EDC_GA_minutes

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  • 18th European Veteran Championships


    18th European Veteran Championships have been held in Korbach (Ger) from 31st August to 7th September 2019. The Championships have been organized by the Germany Interessengemeinschaft Damespiel in Deutschland, leaded from its President, Jan Zioltkowski, member of EDC Executive Board, …

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  • European Teams Championships 2019


    European Teams Championships 2019 – Chianciano Terme (ITA) 2nd – 7th September 2019 On Saturday 7th September, the 2019 European Team Championships organized by the Italian Draughts Federation under the auspices of the European Damaging Confederation (EDC) were concluded. The …

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