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1st European Youth Online Cup: the world’s largest official online tournament


European Draughts Confederation (EDC) in cooperation with Estonian Draughts Federation (EDF) organizes the 1st European Youth Online Cup in international draughts. The competition starts on 1st of August at 10:00 GMT+3 and the young men of the U26 age group will be the first to enter the competition.

“The extraordinary time requires an extraordinary approach, which is why, for the first time in the history of the European Draughts Confederation, we are organizing an official youth tournament online,” said EDC President Carlo Bordini. “I am pleased to say that both young players and organizers are open to new opportunities. EDC in cooperation with the Estonian Draughts Federation was able to make good use of today’s situation and found a solution for the tournament, thus contributing to the EDC’s goal of increasing the popularity of draughts throughout Europe. ”

“To date, nearly 700 young draughts players from all over Europe have registered for the competition, so this is definitely one of the largest numbers of participants in the draughts tournament in the world,” said Tarmo Tulva, President of the Estonian Draughts Federation and member of the EDC Board. “The large number of participants shows that online tournaments have great potential and I am sure that nothing similar in such scale has been organized before. ”

If earlier it was planned to hold the European Youth Championship in international draughts in Tallinn at the beginning of August, then due to the ambiguity caused by the corona crisis and travelling restrictions, EDC decided to cancel the competition this year. However, in order for young people to be able to play and compete, the Estonian Draughts Federation proposed to the EDC to organize a tournament via the Internet using the mind game environment being developed in Estonia.

All games of the tournament can be watched in real time. The competition schedule can be found on the website and in the game environment.

The European Draughts Confederation ( was founded in 1998 by a federation of 12 countries in Tallinn. Today, the federation includes 26 countries. The European Draughts Confederation organizes European Draughts Championships and aims to promote draughts as a sport in Europe and to involve the new Member States.

Estonian Draughts Federation ( is an umbrella organization uniting Estonian draughts clubs, which is also a member of the Estonian Olympic Committee. EDF is also a member of the World Draughts Federation (FMJD) and a founding member of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC, ).


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Ladies and gentleman, let the games begin!